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July 1, 2020

100K new Covid cases/day? | Jimmy Page with Wisdom Walks | Bible balloons, Locusts and reality of child brides

If Dr. Fauci is right and we’re headed toward 100,000 new cases of Covid19 in the United States every day, what does that mean for you, your family, church, schools and community? And what happens to older, sicker individuals when doctors need ICU beds for younger patients more likely to recover? It means a cold calculus begins in a culture that has reasoned its way to the nearly unimaginable. Carmen opens with a brief look at how AI is calculating when and how clinicians should trigger end-of-life conversations with particular patients.

Then Carmen talks with FCA’s Jimmy Page about Wisdom Walks: 52 Life Principles for a Significant and Meaningful Journey.


In the second half, Ruth Kramer is back with Mission Network News from around the world. They discuss topics from the Korean peninsula, Ethiopia, challenges faced by Palestianian Christians, and child brides in southeast Asia.





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