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July 14, 2020

Death and life, Life and death | Why Truth matters even in the form of tell all books | Keith Getty and Sing Global

Death is in the headlines…which means God should be in the conversation.

  • Nicole Thea, 24, pregnant YouTuber was 8 months pregnant – cause of death unknown
  • Glee Actress,33 year old  Naya Rivera, drowned – body recovered in lake in California
  • Zindzi Mandela, 59 year old daughter of Nelson and Winnie Mandela – cause of death unknown
  • Kelly Preston, 57 year old wife of John Travolta, died as a result of breast cancer
  • Samantha Hickey, 45 year old pediatric nurse practitioner in Boise, Idaho died of COVID. Leaves behind a husband and four children – and a lot of questions. She was 45 and had no underlying conditions. 

Carmen talks with Nick Pitts about headlines including the reality of death coming every day, why Mary Trump’s “tell all” book matters for people of Truth, and why Sports Illustrated featuring a biological man presenting as a woman in the swimsuit issue matters as well.

In the second half, Carmen has too much fun with Keith Getty – they literally ran the show OUT OF CLOCK at the end!


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