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November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving: An Opportunity for Christians to Redirect, Reframe and Even Reclaim It

As Christians we want to direct our Thanksgiving in the appropriate direction – to WHOM all blessings flow from, Jesus Christ.

It is a HOLIday or holy day: one set apart unto God.

Put THANKS on the schedule in the midst of pie making.

Put THANKS on the menu during your Thanksgiving meal.

You could even put leaves of thanks on a simple Thanksgiving tree.

The Food

If you follow me on Facebook, Reconnect with Carmen, I’ll be making my mom’s signature sausage dressing which is the side dish that makes Thanksgiving for me

What About Christmas?

I know many of you have already started the Christmas season, but you’ll have to wait for Sunday to begin Advent with us on My Faith Radio. You can sign up today though at for our Advent reading of the Gospel of Luke and while you are there check out The Great Giveaway and The Blessing Bundle!


Today’s Guests

Daryl Crouch – Green Hill Church and

Daryl tells us what his favorite Thanksgiving side is and covers whether the belief in God is a delusion. Not only that, but he discusses whether we should call down fire on our political enemies.

Hunter Baker – Union University

Hunter joins us again and lets us know his favorite thanksgiving side! He also talks with us about a human rights campaign calling for disaccreditation of Christian educational institutions. He also discusses Biden’s new possible appointees and what their worldviews seem to be. If you want to connect with Hunter more, check out his twitter at: @hunterbaker.

Today’s Episode

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