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August 13, 2019

400th anniversary we know know too little about | Who’s up to start a Farminary?

400 years ago this month the first ship carrying enslaved people from Angola arrived in Virginia. The church was not a passive witness and certainly not activated in opposition to the trafficking of human beings who were bought and sold and shipped as cargo.  The entire enterprise betrays a sense that one kind of person is somehow better or of more value or more human than another. The history of slavery is all over us and it is in us but we know too little about it. Why is that? The And Campaign’s Justin Giboney talks about the horrendous anniversary now upon us and how people of faith must learn the history and learn from it that we might lead today in real Gospel based reconciliation.

Peter Kapsner and Carmen discuss the trends affecting rural America and the loss of much more than farms when rural communities wane in cultural influence. They also discuss the announcement by prominent Christian worship leader and songwriter, Marty Samson, that he is no longer “in” the faith. However, since the airing of the live show, Marty has clarified those comments. You can read Carmen’s analysis here which amends what is said in the conversation on the podcast.



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