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May 7, 2019

Mornings w Carmen 5-7-2019 My anniversary, national healthcare, and how many kids is the right number?

Today is, among other things, my 8th wedding anniversary.  This I know: I am a different person than the person Jim married 8 years ago and he is a different person than I married. As God made of the two, one, we both grew in many significant ways. 

Happy Anniversary, Jim. I look forward to walking with you the road ahead all the way to the Father’s house.

With whom are you walking today? Is it a journey of joy or sorrow? Healing or hurt? I was single until my early 40’s – I know that road and if you’re walking the road of singleness know that you do not walk alone. You have a family of fellow believers, companions for the journey –

And if you’re married – what might happen today if you simply reached out your hand in gentle affection and took the hand of your spouse and assured them that you are with them and for them – no matter what – all the way to the Father’s house? No turning of eyes or hearts to the right nor to the left – you walk together as one toward home. How might that act and that assurance change today and tomorrow and the road ahead?

We’ve got a lot of road to cover today here so first up, Tommy Binion from the Heritage Foundation for a deep dive into the #1 issue Americans say concerns them: healthcare. 

Then, Dr. Rosemary Stein discusses the proliferation of online preschools, a mom who allows her kids to take mental health days off from school, and how many kids is the right number.


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