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August 8, 2019

Who have we become and is who we want to be?

Carmen opens this episode with a commentary on Jimmy who was deported from the United States to Iraq and died on the street for lack of insulin. Jimmy didn’t speak Arabic, had never been to Iraq and for those paying attention to such ideological concerns, Jimmy is a Christian. In the second hour of today’s program, Carmen talks with Juliana Taimoorazy from the Iraqi Christian Relief Council about the plight of Christians in the Ninevah Plain.

Meanwhile in Mississippi 680 undocumented workers were arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE at food processing plants; their children were at their first day of school; after their first day of school their parents were not there at the bus stop, they were not there at that house, they had disappeared during the day. Do you remember your first day of school? These children will never forget their first day of school – and they will be expected to show up today – in trauma – or be counted truant. Does this make any sense to anyone? We need comprehensive immigration reform. Our system is broken. ICE is doing the job we are asking them to do – we are sending them to do – this is America where we the people are the government. Oh, and by the way, the people arrested yesterday and the kids left standing uninformed and frightened – in America – they are Christians too.

Carmen’s conversations today include Ben Johnson of The Acton Institute on the right to bear arms in light of recent mass shootings, and a common ideological thread behind many of the shooters.

Then Al New of the BGEA Rapid Response Team talks about the chaplain teams serving those impacted in El Paso and Dayton.


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