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August 14, 2019

Leadership, power and the sovereignty of God | What if its true with Charles Martin

After David is anointing king, conquers Goliath and defeats his ten thousands, everyone but Saul seems to know the time has come for a leadership transition. But Saul clings to power in the way of the world. We can learn a lot from that. We can also learn a lot from the patience, persistence and humility of David while God works out His sovereign will.¬† Yes, this part of Saul’s story is hard to understand because God sends an evil spirit. That’s a hard question Carmen and Bill English discuss in their¬†weekslong conversation about the leadership lessons we can learn from the life of David.

Best-selling novelist Charles Martin asks What if it’s True and shares his storytellers answer. This book will change the way you relate to God and read the Bible. If you’ve been looking for ONE book to read this year, this is it.








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