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October 14, 2019

What are we doing here? | Headlines with Nick Pitts and Ruth Kramer

Carmen leads off this episode of Mornings with Carmen with a reminder of what we’re doing here.

A listener called me out Friday morning. He heard the news but wasn’t sure he heard me ever bring the Good News to bear on the news. I appreciate the reminder of what I’m supposed to be doing on air every day!

Let us be Good News obsessed and not just news obsessed. Let us #PraytheNews and let us read, interpret and respond to the headlines of the day through a distinctively Gospel lens.

As you read or listen, recognize:

  1. this is not the way it is supposed to be
  2. this is not the way its going to be forever,
  3. but this (broken, hurting, dying, desperation) is the way things are in the mean time.

These are called the mean times for a reason (and not just because the mean is the middle!). The mean time are mean because they are all the time between the fall (Gen 3) and the consummation of all things (Revelation 21). The mean time is a time of wars and rumors of war, famine, disease, disaster, and an ever-increasing evil in the hearts of men. If you read the news you know, these are the mean times.

As Christians living in the mean times we must remember who we are, whose we are and what in the world we’re in the world to do. (Those are, by the way, the three big questions behind and under every other question. They are the questions of identity, belonging and purpose).

Take time right now to be Good News obsessed instead of news obsessed. Consider your calling as a Christian, bringing the mind of Christ to bear on everything – including the news you’re scrolling through on your FB feed. Redemption is happening and it needs its witnesses. May we be found to have been faithful to that calling in the mean times in which we live.

Then today’s headlines with J. Nick Pitts from and Ruth Kramer from Mission Network News.


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