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January 21, 2020

The Coronavirus and the Chinese year of the rat | Re-enchanting Humanity with Owen Strachan

Not everyone operates on the same calendar. In fact, the world’s most populous nation, China, operates on the Lunar calendar. And according to that calendar, this coming Saturday is Chinese new year. Millions of people are traveling to celebrate the new year and they are traversing the globe to be with the ones they love.  With the outbreak of a coronavirus, health officials are keeping close watch all over the world. Dr. Bret Nick from CMDA joins Carmen to discuss the virus and ways we can protect ourselves from all kinds of airborn and human transmitted diseases. They also discuss a new CDC report indicating that 1 in 7 U.S. adults inactive. That means they do not do anything active beyond what is necessary for daily survival. For Christians, who recognize the body is given by God and functions as a temple of the Holy Spirit and vessel for God’s use, allowing the body to become inactive is not faithful. Carmen and Bret discuss the stewardship concern as well as the concern for the witness of the Church. 

(This seems a good place to sneak in this blog about every year being a year of the Lord – even if there are those who think this is the year of the rat.)

Dr. Owen Strachan joins Carmen in the second half to discuss his latest book, Reenchanting Humanity: A Theology of Mankind.  They discuss anthropology and the Bible’s revelations about where humans came from, why matter matters and what it means to be human.

Back in 2016, Owen and Carmen discussed the attempts by many people to replace God. That interview is transcribed here.



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