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August 21, 2019

A course in friendship | Words no longer mean what they’ve always meant

If you feel lonely, you’re not alone. Loneliness and a sense of friendlessness is epidemic in America. 25% of Millennials (today’s twenty and thirty-somethings) say they always feel lonely and 30% say they have no best friend. That’s a mission field! But what do we know about friendship? Boyce College profs Bryan Baise and Tyler Flatt are friends and they’re teaching a course on friendship this semester and their my guests today.

Professor Hunter Baker is back as well to discuss the meaning of words and how some words (like marriage, male, female, husband, wife, sex, gender and race) do not mean what they’ve always meant.  We discuss how the meaning of words is at play in the Supreme Court and in the culture of the day – and we learn what bugs Dr. Baker in terms of pairing of jeans with ….



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