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April 21, 2020

A tale of 2 governors | Justin Giboney on Justice and mercy | How to mend the mother daughter relationship

Governors are front and center these days. Many are holding daily briefings and their rhetoric ranges widely. Some inspire confidence and others fear. Words, tone and politics are all in view. The comments of two governors with respect to the role of God in the flattening of the COVID19 curve demonstrate the vast worldview divide in America. Governor Cuomo of New York said:

“The number is down because we brought the number down.” And emphasized: “God did not do that. Faith did not do that. Destiny did not do that. A lot of pain and suffering did that . . . That’s how it works. It’s math. And if you don’t continue to do that, you’re going to see that number go back up. And that will be a tragedy if that number goes back up.”

Conversely, Governor Abbot of Texas told the Prestonwood Church on Sunday that God is not only sovereign but expressed appreciation for the prayers of people faith in seeking God’s intervention.

“The growth of the coronavirus in Texas is slowing by people staying at home, by people reducing interaction with others…
God’s hand is working through the scientists across this great nation by coming out with fast, innovative drugs that would lead to therapeutic remedies…
Put your faith in God. God will bring you through this.”

Some Americans are following the lead of those who see God as without power or interest in all this. Others put their faith in God and lead others to do the same. Elections matter.

Carmen talks in this episode with Justin Giboney about the disproportionate impact COVID19 is having in U.S. prisons. They also discuss the role of mercy in our system of justice.

In the second half, Helen McIntosh and Blythe Daniel join Carmen to discuss their book, Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters.

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