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September 16, 2019

A week after the death by suicide of Jarrid Wilson | How Happiness Happens with Max Lucado

One week ago today, husband, father, pastor and mental health advocate Jarrid Wilson died by suicide. Every question you want to ask is relevant to ask right now. How could a Christian do that? How could anyone do that? How could a man who – by every worldly measure – had it all, end it all? How could a guy who was intimately involved with a caring, engaged church, had relationships with mental health advocates and talked with others about this issue, take his own life? After the hows come all the whys. Into this conversation psychologist Dr. Linda Mintle speaks with wisdom and clarity.



Then Carmen talks with pastor and author Max Lucado about his latest book, How Happiness Happens. Max and Carmen explore the “one another” passages of the Bible and consider the difference between happiness and joy – deeply rooted in God’s character, God’s Word and God’s Spirit.




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