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Carmen LaBerge is a writer, speaker and host of the daily Christian talk radio show The Reconnect (How to listen). She is also in her ninth year serving as the President of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, a ministry that’s been working to equip Christians for faithful witness for more than 50 years. She is author of Speak the Truth: Bring God back into the Conversationpublished in September 2017 by Regnery Faith.

See this update from Carmen about the PLC.

Carmen’s passion is helping people reconnect the eternal with the everyday by equipping Christians to engage the culture in ways that honor Jesus. She is a frequent guest on MyFaith Radio Network and has written for and other outlets.

Before becoming president of the PLC, Carmen served in mainline Christian ministry for 17 years. During this time, she cultivated an ability to stand firm as a convictional Christian as the denomination of which she was a part undermined its own Scriptural and Confessional foundations.  But even as denominational battles were lost, Carmen won the respect of those with whom she openly disagreed.  Carmen speaks with authority but also with humility and humor.

Recognizing the value of many voices lifting up a common message, Carmen uses her influence to bring together other church and ministry leaders to stand together for the cause of Christ in the culture. Carmen is the founding Chairman of Common Ground Christian Network and a member of the board of directors of the National Association of Evangelicals. She also participates actively on the Mission America Coalition, the National Religious Broadcasters and the Christian Leadership Alliance.

Carmen is a graduate of the University of Florida and earned an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. She lives outside of Nashville, TN with her husband Jim and family.  

Invite Carmen to Speak

Invite Carmen to speak at your conference, study group or event

Carmen is passionate about helping Christians see their true identity as Ambassadors of Jesus Christ and calling them to live into that calling with both grace and truth. Carmen speaks about trends in American Christianity, interprets cultural shifts for Christians disoriented in the current context, and equips and motivates all of us to get off the sidelines and into the conversations of the day in ways that honor Jesus.

I heard Carmen speak at our national church convocation (North American Lutheran Church) and was blown away by her insight, wisdom, humor, and courage to tell the Truth of God’s word and to encourage all people to do the same in a loving way. I tuned in and am so grateful for what she and her crew are doing. What a tremendous blessing for this journey of life with Christ. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Will be sending a donation to the ministry because of what you are doing for believers like me.




I think Carmen will be among those who will provide thoughtful, robust conversation that will make you think, that will call people to action when appropriately, but will not be presenting things just to get ratings and get people listening, but really to nurture and help feed the Christian mind. And I think that’s sorely needed and I think Carmen is the person to do it. So, glad to be someone who supports the Reconnect.

-Dan Darling, VP of Communications for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission


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