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About The Reconnect

Our mission is to mobilize every Christian to get off the sidelines and into the cultural conversations of the day in ways that honor Jesus.

The Reconnect with Carmen LaBerge is a daily one-hour Christian worldview media ministry via talk radio, podcast, and website. The Reconnect, which launched in April of 2016, is the radio arm of the Presbyterian Lay Committee (PLC), a ministry that’s been working to equip Christians for faithful witness for more than 50 years.

The host, Carmen LaBerge is also an author and speaker. She also serves as the President of the PLC. Her first book, Speak Truth: Bring God Back Into Everyday Conversations will be released September 2017 by Regnery Faith.

In just 2016, Carmen has conducted over 150 interviews with widely respected influencers, reporters, authors, and leaders. She is a frequent guest on MyFaith Radio Network and has written for, Religion News Service, and other outlets. Find more about Carmen or invite her to speak at an event.

On The Reconnect, we are unashamed that our mission is to bring God back into the conversation– to “reconnect” the eternal with the everyday. But it matters little if we reconnect with one another if we fail to reconnect with God. This is the most important re-connection we will make. Find out how you can Reconnect with God.

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Listener comments:

“You help me see and respond to the breaking news of the day with the Good News of Jesus Christ that breaks the power of sin and death and despair.”

“Outstanding podcast: current, savvy and empowering for Christians who want to speak faith in a world that lacks word. guests are well researched and leaders in the chosen area or topic.”



“The Reconnect show continues to prove itself different! I LOVE and ADMIRE the fact that Carmen addresses current issues, while always bringing a biblical perspective rather than a one- sided point of view based on personal opinion. Carmen always seeks to educate her audience while allowing the Word of God to be at the center of all issues. I also admire that Carmen is willing to bring guests on her show to explore the perspectives of others.”

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