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December 2, 2019

Advent | Asheritah Ciucui with Unwrapping the Names of Jesus | What we must learn from the London Bridge terror attack

What are you unwrapping this Advent? Author Asheritah Ciucui joins Carmen for a conversation about her new book, Unwrapping the Names of Jesus. They talk about everything from why a quiet time matters to how to get focused on what really matters even if you have three kids under six (which she does!).  You can find the book at and more resources from Asheritah at

Today’s name? Jesus!

Then Carmen talks with Dr. David Aikman about the terror attack on London Bridge over the weekend and what we must learn about the ideology of jihadists.  From a Christian worldview it is essential to consider how a criminal justice system based on the rule of law and the rehabilitation of those who engage in criminal acts may be insufficient to the challenge of those ideologically committed to the destruction of the West.

They also discuss developments in Hong Kong, North Korea, Iran and Iraq.


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