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September 9, 2020

All economics are home economics | The Colors of Culture with MelindaJoy Mingo

Carmen talks with Bill English about the current (and ever-changing) status of unemployment benefits, the option business owners have to defer payroll tax withholding (and why its a really bad idea) as well as a reminder that you’re a human being – not a human doing. Your value is NOT in your job. Today’s a good day to remind ourselves of that truth.

In the second half, Carmen visits with MelidaJoy Mingo about her new book, The Colors of Culture: the beauty of diverse friendships. MelindaJoy is one of those rare individuals you immediately want to find a way to meet in real life. She exudes faith and hope and honesty. She’s authentically interested in you and me and the story behind who we are, what makes us tick… She’s pouring her life into teaching other people how to love one another across differences by unpacking the concept of Ubuntu. Don’t know what that is? Trust me – you want to!


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