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October 9, 2019

All news is local to someone | Viewpoint on U.S. and Kurds | Iraqi protests | Alienation of Affection

Carmen’s opening commentary on the local nature of news is helpful reminder that all news – no matter how far away California or Syria may seem to you, the stories we’re discussing are local to the precious people living in the midst of fire or fear or political frustration or _______ (fill in the blank).

Drew Griffin from Providence Magazine is back to talk about the complexity of characters and issues in the withdrawal of U.S. support for the Kurds in northeastern Syria. At the time of the show, Turkey was reporting that their military incursion across the border had begun – and the U.S. was not answering the Kurdish calls for air support or the creation of a no-fly zone.  Carmen and Drew also talk about the deteriorating situation in Iraq where the government has killed at least 110 people and wounded 8000 others in anti-corruption protests in the past week.

Peter Kapsner returns for another installment in the 50 Shades of Truth series. Today, Carmen and Peter talk about these two headlines:

  1. A North Carolina man just won a $750,000 lawsuit after suing his wife’s lover
  2. I Spent a Year as a Trans Man. Doctors failed me at every turn.


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