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December 7, 2019

Americans want the influence of religion on morality but not in politics | Weekend Worldview Reader with Dan DeWitt

Public theologian Matthew Hawkins joins Carmen for a conversation covering recent polling by Pew which indicates while a majority of Americans appreciate the positive influence religious institutions have on morality, they don’t want those religious bodies to flex their muscles in the direction of political engagement.  They also discuss whether or not religious liberty is really just code for protection of white Western nationalism. Carmen and Matt draw important distinctions in the use of language and why its imperative today to define terms when speaking in public about the way the Bible and the Christian faith applies to life – and our life together.

Cedarville University professor Dan DeWitt then joins Carmen to discuss a letter Charles Darwin once wrote to Billy Graham – well, not that William Graham 🙂

They also discuss Dan’s Weekend Worldview Reader.


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