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November 12, 2020

Andrew Peterson – The Wingfeather Saga

Dual Citizenship

We’ve been talking this week about Christians and the dual nature of our citizenship. We are, indeed, citizens of the household of God, co-heirs with Christ of the Kingdom of Heaven. This world is not our home-Home. We’re on our way, even now to the Father’s House – but in the same way Jesus walked the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven out in the midst of the kingdoms of the world, He charges us, as his people in the world to do the same. 

Invested with His own Spirit, we now live as demonstrations of the Kingdom of heaven in the world today 

That means we re-present the King and make the kingdom principles known. 

That means we have to KNOW what the King and the Kingdom are like. 

Good news! Jesus told us! (Matthew 23)
The Kingdom of heaven is like a pearl, it is like a mustard seed, it is like yeast and it is a great treasure. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, Jesus said, and close at hand. It is an already and not yet. The kingdom of heaven is like the scattering of seed – some takes root and flourishes and some withers and dies and some is choked out by the world.
The King and the Kingdom are more real than the realities you will face today. And what a privilege it is to live as a representative of King Jesus whose Kingdom knows no end. 

I look forward to it, don’t you? 

Today’s Guests

Peter Kapsner – 50 Shades of Truth

We talk with Peter about various topics from around the internet some of which are:

  • A message lost by a carrier pigeon has been found some 110 years after it was sent!
  • Ice Cores from Mount Kilimanjaro confirm a Bible event.
  • Changing understandings about baptism from generation to generation

Andrew Peterson – Artist Spotlight

Andrew Peterson needs little introduction yet many of us know him only for his music. Today we talk with him about his fantasy book series titled: “The Wingfeather Saga.” Check him out at his own website and the artist collective he is a part of at The Rabbit Room  website!

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