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February 19, 2020

Are you living in a sinful state? | Boy Scouts bankruptcy | Asheritah Ciuciu on Uncovering the Love of Jesus in Lent

Wallethub released its annual “Most Sinful States” list and Carmen asks, “what does it mean to live in a sinful state – verses a state of grace?” Yes, its a play on word, but one worth indulging today. There is a state of sin and there is a state of grace. In which are you living? The Gospel is the invitation to exchange the state of sin for the state of grace where the reality of God’s sovereignty rules, God’s Kingdom principles govern the lives of citizens and everyone literally lives happily ever after. Whatever your geography, you too can live in the state of grace!

Carmen talks with Bill English about the bankruptcy proceedings of the Boy Scouts of America and then with author Asheritah Ciuciu about her Lenten devotional – Uncovering the Love of Jesus.



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