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August 28, 2019

Around the world with Drew Griffin | Cultural devolution at the VMA’s

Providence Magazine’s managing editor, Drew Griffin, takes us on a guided tour of concerns around the globe.

  • The G7 and Macron’s attempt to broker a meeting between the U.S. and Iran
  • India and Pakistan fight over Kashmir
  • Brazil’s rejection and then agreement to receive aid in fighting fires in the Amazon rainforest
  • Venezuela’s refugee flow will likely exceed that of Syria
  • Persecution of Christians in Egypt
  • How the Israeli’s are easing the suffering of Yazidi’s
  • The desperation of Christians in Sudan and the Rohingya in Myanmar

Peter Kapsner and Carmen discuss recent research demonstrating the changing values of America’s younger generations. Emerging generations value marriage, children, religion and patriotism less than their elders. What does that mean for the future? They also discuss the evidence of our cultural devolution from the Video Music Awards which were, by any standard, X rated.


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