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October 22, 2019

Art is sticky | Politics cannot become religion for Christians | Thomas Kidd on Who is an Evangelical


Carmen notes in the opening commentary that a Leonardo De Vinci exhibit is set to open Thursday at the Louvre in Paris. It marks the 500th anniversary of the master Italian painter’s death and brings together some 160 of Da Vinci’s works held in private collections around the world.  Carmen asks (here, she can’t remember if she actually thought to ask this during the show or not), “When you think of the last supper, what do you see in your mind’s eye? I suspect if you’re like most people around the world, the image in your mind is Da Vinci’s rendering of that event.” It’s a good reminder today that for good or ill, art is sticky. 


Mark Caleb Smith from Cedarville University joins Carmen to give his first hand impressions from the Democratic debate last week in Ohio. They also reflect together on the reality that as religious affiliation and commitments in the U.S. wane, the commitment to political parties takes on a religious zeal.


Thomas Kidd from Baylor then joins Carmen for a conversation about his new book, Who is an Evangelical.





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