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July 22, 2019

Burnout | Polarization | Iran | Hong Kong | China

The World Health Organization classifies burnout as a very real occupational hazard. When you think about where you work and with whom you work, do your feelings move in the direction of joy and gratitude or in the direction of cynicism and avoidance?  The answer is an important indicator of just how close to burnout you might be. Carmen talks with Dr. Linda Mintle about the reality of burnout and how to avoid it.  They also discuss the deep polarization of the nation’s current political climate, media’s role and our role as Christians in redeeming the conversation.

Dr. David Aikman joins from the U.K. where voting is underway to elect the next Prime Minister. In the meantime, Theresa May is holding an emergency meeting to deal with Iran. Carmen and David also discuss the ugly turn protests in Hong Kong took over the weekend and China’s role.



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