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February 21, 2020

Call of the Wild | Hollywood’s disconnect | How technology is helping to achieve the Great Commission right now

Carmen talks with Adam Holz from Focus on the Family’s PluggedIn about Call of the Wild, Hollywood’s sex scene disconnect and how one social media outlet is attempting to mitigate depression.

In the second half, Carmen welcomes Global Media Outreach President and CEO, Jeff Gowler. They discuss the impact is having around the world and the possibility of accomplishing the Great Commission in this generation through technology. Nearly everyone around the world has a phone – even if they don’t have secure housing. And each of those phones is connected to the internet. GMO makes sure that when a person asks a question of faith or hope or love or meaning, they have access to the Gospel. Those who respond to the Gospel are then invited to go deeper by downloading a Bible and having interaction with an online mentor.

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