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July 24, 2020

Can you be good without God? | Hallmark of purity? | Media headlines | Getting real with Seth and Nirva Ready

Can you be good without God? That’s Carmen’s opening conversational salvo.

She shared that earlier this mont, the city of Somerville, Massachusetts, moved to legally recognize polyamorous “families.” The linking of that decision to the economic stats Carmen offered might confuse you unless you know the connection between wealth and what people think about God – or don’t think about God when it comes to governing morality. Bottom line: the wealthier people are, the less they reportedly think they need God to be moral.

A Pew Research Center study released this week called the Global God Divide ¬†surveyed 38,426 people in 34 countries last year. Overall, only 45 percent agreed that “belief in God is necessary in order to be moral and have good values.” And the higher a country’s GDP per capita, the less likely its people are to tie belief in God to morality.¬† That confirms what Cal Thomas shared in our conversation a couple of days ago about a nation’s decadence, theology, morality and ultimate expiration.

Carmen then shared about The Hallmark’s channel announcement that they are going to make LGBTQ themed movies. Carmen reminds us that “a hallmark is a stamp certifying the purity of a precious metal.¬† Hallmark is the gold standard – it is the purity measure.” She concludes, “If Hallmark is the hallmark of purity in our nation, God help us.”

Carmen’s conversation partners in this episode are Focus on the Family’s Adam Holtz who shares a number of headlines from and the dynamic Christian music duo, Seth and Nirva Ready. It’s an honest conversation with an interracial Christian couple you’ll want to hear.



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