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October 15, 2019

Candid questions to an ER doc | We Too with Mary Demuth

It’s not every day that you just get to talk to an ER doc and ask your candid questions. Carmen comes right and asks the questions we’ve all got on our minds but either don’t have an ER doc to ask or were too afraid to do it! Dr. Bret Nicks from the Christian Medical and Dental Assn. offers his perspective from both faith and practice. They discuss everything from when you should (and shouldn’t) go to the ER as well as the rise in vaping and sexually transmitted diseases in America today. And yes, they bring the Gospel to bear on all of it.

Then Carmen talks with author and advocate Mary DeMuth about her book We Too. Listeners were encouraged to access resources at and and pastor and other ministry leaders were invited to download free resources at

Mary DeMuth is a rape survivor and a Christian committed to helping the church talk about what no one wants to talk about. But we have to because Me Too means Church Too and that means We Too. This is about all of us and, as Mary says, “we heal better together.”  If you are in need of personal support visit

Carmen has had other several other conversations on this topic including: Megan LivelyJennifer GreenbergSusan Codone, Diane Langberg, Justin HolcolmbBrad Hambrick,Laila Risgallah, Linda Gibson and others.

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