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November 26, 2019

Carmen’s cold diagnosed on air | Churches responding to Opioid Crisis | Leighton Ford’s Memoir on A Life of Listening

Dr. Bret Nick gives Carmen advice on what to do about her upper respiratory infection (no coughing on air!) and then they discuss LifeWay’s research findings on pastors and the opioid crisis in America. They also talk about vaping and what to say if you encounter people who vape over the holidays.

Leighton Ford joins Carmen for a conversation about his memoir, A Life of Listening: Discerning God’s Voice and Discovering our Own. Leighton has a slower conversational cadence that makes this particular segment a real delight. His wisdom gushes even as shares the difficulty of this week (his son, Sandy, died on the day after Thanksgiving many years ago) but also the generational joy of visiting places with his grandchildren.




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