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Christianity invites the skeptic to ask why at Easter

April 11, 2017

The truth does not fear questions nor questioners. Christianity invites the skeptic, the doubter and the weary to come and seek— seek and you will find. The resurrection story of Easter, upon which the power and hope of Christianity hang, invites us to ask not just how, but why. Why is a different type of […]

Must Read Monday: Egypt on edge

April 10, 2017

Egypt on edge as Christians bury dead from church attacks— AP Two realities important for Western  Christians. First, Christians in nations where Christianity is a minority religion have a different view of persecution than we do. They expect it and they value martyrdom in ways we do not. That’s not to say they seek it, […]

Searching for meaning and purpose in a world of artificial intelligence

April 5, 2017

What will become of man when he renders himself useless through robotics and artificial intelligence? This is the topic of discussion with best-selling author and influencer of the influencers, Yuval Harari. Below is a long excerpt from an interview at Vox, but it is worth reading for the sheer number of existential questions addressed. At […]

Must Read Monday: Bride of Christ

April 4, 2017

Domestic abuse survivor marries the first responder who saved her life— FaithWire This is the story of Melissa, but it is also a great metaphor for the story of Christ’s love for us. Melissa was beaten and stabbed repeatedly by an ex-boyfriend, who tried to kill her. She was disfigured and broken. At 20, she […]

Spotlight interview with Autumn Miles: “Jesus came to set the captives free”

March 31, 2017

Autumn Miles is the author of “Appointed: Your Future Starts Now” and the founder and CEO of The Blush Network, a conference ministry dedicated to spiritually challenging the way women think. A domestic violence survivor herself, Miles is now leads and speaks to women across the country. She also commissioned a study with LifeWay Research related to […]

A day for fools

March 30, 2017

Every year on the first of April, we all proceed a little more cautiously. We read social media with a little more skepticism. We’d rather be on the inside of joke than to discover that we are the butt of one.  This is a day for fools, and we’d really rather not be taken for […]

Must Read Monday: Is truth dead

March 27, 2017

Is Truth Dead? Behind the TIME Cover— TIME TIME Magazine released a new cover story, asking “Is truth dead?” The cover hearkens back to the 1966 cover asking “Is God dead?” If 51 years ago Americans wondered if God was dead, then it’s no great surprise today Americans are wondering if truth may be dead […]

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