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September 23, 2019

China and India suppress religious minorities | What is a seminary | Just War | Thomas Cook | Ukraine

In view of the President’s U.N. address today on the topic of religious liberty the headlines that China is making churches replace the 10 commandments with quotes by Xi Jingping and India is requiring evangelical ministries to sign non-evangelism oaths, Carmen offers opening commentary on a number of very bad actors around the globe.

Carmen’s first guest in this hour is Dr. Bruce Ashford, provost of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. They discuss last week’s Twitter thread by Union Seminary where a chapel service of confession to plants was held and heralded. They also discuss the spectrum of ideas Christians have on the topic of war. Are you a pacifist and if so, why? Dr. Ashford is not a pacifist and he tells us why.

Dr. David Aikman returns as news was breaking that the British travel company, Thomas Cook, stopped operating today with nearly 200K travellers overseas and another 400K whose travel plans are now disrupted. Dr. Aikman also weighs in on Trump/Ukraine/Biden story as well as continuing challenges related to accurate information in Saudi Arabia drone strikes by Iran.


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