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Christian Post Op-Ed: Would Jesus Bake a Gay Wedding Cake?

July 18, 2017

In Colorado, cake artist Jack Phillips declined to bake a specialty cake for a same-sex wedding. Why? Well, Jack Phillips is a Christian and the “what would Jesus do” question is real for him. That leads us to ask what Joy Behar asked Jack Phillips during an episode of The View last month. “Would Jesus have baked the cake?”

Phillips and his attorney contended that Jesus would not have baked the cake. Joy Behar insisted that she was speaking for Jesus and declared that He would have.

In order to answer the question, “Would Jesus bake the cake?” we have to know Jesus. Not just any Jesus or some genie-Jesus, but the real Jesus.

When Jack Phillips says he cannot bake a cake because of his sincerely held religious beliefs, those beliefs are based on something. And in this case, those beliefs are based on Someone.

So, would Jesus have baked the cake?

Which leads to the follow-on question, “Why not?” Because Jesus always does the will of the Father. He literally — and I mean literally — never does anything apart from the will of the Father. Jesus cannot be separated from Who He is (fully God, fully man) which means He and the Father are one — one mind, one will, one redemptive plan, one Spirit, etc.


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