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July 29, 2019

Christians are more scary than nukes | Christians in an age of protest | Deepfakes

Carmen leads off with a conversation about praying the news via the Lord’s Prayer.

Brandon Showalter from the Christian Post is back to share about the oldest Christian letter outside of the Bible in known existence. They talk about the power of writing a letter of encouragement, especially today! They also discuss the plight of Christians in North Korea and China – with attention to the particular threat Christians pose to these repressive communist regimes.

Adam Carrington from Hillsdale College stops by to discuss Christians in an age of protest. As we consider what’s happening in Russia, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Venezuela, DC and elsewhere we are tempted to imagine that everyone has the privilege of protest under the protections of constitutional law. But that’s not true. Carmen and Adam discuss when and how Christians engage in civil disobedience. They also discuss the Mueller report and why Christians should/must care about the truth when it comes to meddling in U.S. elections. And…deep fakes.



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