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June 5, 2019

Christians as courageous AND civil, that is the question

Drew Griffin from Providence Magazine brings us up to date on the prospects for Middle East peace, the challenges faced by refugees returning to Syria and the challenges a nation like France – which outlawed the death penalty – faces when French nationals fight with ISIS and then face execution in Iraq.


Dan Darling then joins Carmen for a candid conversation about a public debate among Christians about tone and content in cultural engagement. There are those who argue that cannot be kind and courageous and there are those who are seeking to walk out the truth of the Gospel with gentleness and humility.  You’ve heard them and you’ve seen them, what do you think is more in keeping with the temperament of Jesus Christ?  Moral outrage is real but publicly flogging our own Christian brothers and sisters for engaging the culture in ways you might find meek or mild seems counterproductive to the collective witness of the One Body of Christ in the world today.


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