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September 24, 2019

Climate rebellion | Trump’s Religious Liberty speech at the U.N. | Cursed out of coffee shop | Putting Jesus on Display

Carmen’s opening commentary responds to the climate rebellion protests yesterday in Washington DC which sought to #ShutDownDC while the United Nations platformed teenagers on the same topic. Carmen challenges readers to read Jeremiah 29:1-23 in seeking to cultivate God’s perspective on the temporal debate.

Tommy Binion from The Daily Signal is back to talk about:

  1. President Trump’s Religious Liberty vision casting speech at the United Nations
  2. The story of Marilyn Synek who was cursed out of a coffee shop in Nebraska because of her pro-family views
  3. One organization that’s teaching college students to think for themselves

Pastor Brian Blount then shares about his new book, Putting Jesus on Display with Love and Power. 



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