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January 11, 2021

Companions in the Darkness | Imagination has Power

A Question

An Explosive Question in Our Digital Age: Should Tech Giants Have the Power to Silence Users? Which Users?

First Facebook shut down the President’s pages then Twitter shut down his personal account. Snapchat, Reddit, Twitch and Spotify followed suit. He pivoted to Parler which Google then removed from the apps available to those using Android devices followed by Apple web services which no longer supported the App for iPhone users. No problem, people could simply access it through Parler’s website, right? Yes, until Amazon web services shut down hosting of the social media platform’s website. 

The WSJ is reporting that financial technology service, Stripe, has cut off the Trump campaign’s website ability to process credit card payments.

And what was once conspiracy theory became the experiential reality for millions of people who could no longer access information nor relationships that a handful of tech companies deem dangerous. It is a bad day for freedom of speech and it reveals a great deal about the power we have vested in a handful of companies that literally dominate communications today. 

Below are a couple of articles whose authors weigh in on these events:

  1. In Pulling Trump’s Megaphone, Twitter Shows Where Power Now Lies  by Kevin Roose
  2. Trump Isn’t the Only One by Shira Ovide

Today’s Guests

Dianna Gruver – Author of Companion in the Darkness

Dianna Gruver is a writer and communications director for Vere Institute. Her book, “Companions in the Darkness – Seven Saints Who Struggled with Depression and Doubt” is her attempt to show us the value that these seven saints’ stories bring to our conversations surround depression in Christians. She desires for these saints’ experiences to be sources of hope and empathy for us and our companions in the darkness. For more information on Dianna’s work, follow this link:


Junius Johnson – Baylor University and Author of “Father of Lights”

Junius is leading a 12-week course with the goal of “examining the imagination as a way of thinking.” He hopes that through this course and other conversations such as the one he had with Carmen today that he can help bring imagination back next to reason – which is where it belongs. He hopes that by cultivating our imaginations we can discern, worship and witness in new and greater ways that we commonly do. For more information on this course and other works of his go to For Carmen’s previous conversations with Junius go here:

Today’s Episode 


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