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January 25, 2019

Connecting Faith 1-25-2019 The suicide of 10 year old, Paul Coughlin “Free us from Bullying,” and Nanette Kirsch and her book, Denial

Suicide is tragic in every case but in the case of a ten year old, chronically ill little boy in Kentucky, his suicide is best characterized as bullycide. Yes, kids are taking their own lives because the bullying – in person, at school, and over the internet (cyberbullying) is too much to bear. It is worst for kids ages 10-14 and the story of Seven brings it to the forefront of our conversation.

Seeking to equip listeners to respond to bullying beyond being nice, segment 2 of today’s program is a re-air of Carmen’s conversation with Paul Coughlin about his book, Free us from Bullying: real solutions beyond being nice. Check out The Protectors website for more information.

In the second half of the show Carmen talks with author Nanette Kirsch about her own story of surviving childhood sexual abuse and her book, Denial: Abuse, Addiction and a life derailed. It is the true and tragic story of Nanette’s friend, David Wagner. And it is also the story of his family in the aftermath of his suicide.

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