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October 25, 2018

Connecting Faith 10-25-18 | The Rhetoric of Fishers of Men | Dr. Jamie Aten of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute

There are now 9 suspicious packages that have been sent to democratic leaders. The federal investigation is underway and justice will be served, but in the meantime, it is appropriate to consider rhetoric and what role divisive and inciteful language can potentially have on individuals.

Words, tone and inflection all matter in our daily conversations. We are called as ambassadors of Christ to live peaceably and engage – no matter the political environment – as fishers of men. How might we take advantage of John Kasich’s reference to the Damascus Road to bring Christ into our conversations today?

Dr. Jamie Aten, founder and executive director of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute and author of the Disaster Ministry Handbook, talked about the importance of anticipation and preparation because disasters will come. The local church is positioned to serve in long-term recovery efforts after other organizations move on. Listen and find out how getting equipped builds adaptability and resilience.

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