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November 6, 2018

Connecting Faith 11-6-18 | Brandon Showalter on “Boy Erased” | Denise Shick on the chaos of Transgenderism

In the news:

  •   An Ohio professor is suing after being punished for referring to a transgender female student                              as “sir” during class. The Alliance Defending Freedom has taken on the case.
  •   The descriptor evangelical is appearing in many headlines today, but what do those using the term actually        mean?
  •    The Supreme Court is taking on the case of the cross memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland.

Brandon Showalter, reporter for The Christian Post, talked about his piece entitled, Ex-LGBT Men, Women Say “Boy Erased” Film is “Inaccurate,” Frames Christianity Unfairly. The bias and false narrative makes it critical for Christians to respond with an open door to the vulnerability of those who have walked in this place.

Denise Shick’s father told her when she was a girl that he didn’t want to be a man anymore and was transitioning to being a female. She is the author of It is Well with My Soul: Finding God’s Peace in the Transgender Storm and founder and executive director of Help 4 Families. She spoke with Carmen about the chaos inherent to transgenderism.

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