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March 22, 2018

Connecting Faith 3-21-18 | Fruit in Every Season | The Crucifixion of Jesus with Fernando Ortega | Tim Muehlhoff on Fruitful Conflict

From the suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan to the string of bombings in Austin, Texas, we recognize that many are facing unrest, distress and fear today. We also recognize that even once the most current threats are neutralized, until Christ returns, we live among criminals and will never be safe from every threat. Even so, we are called to bear fruit in every season and live as people who are confident in the Lord.

As we approach Holy Week, a wonderful companion to personal worship is Fernando Ortega’s latest recording “The Crucifixion of Jesus.” It was all of our sin that took Jesus from the glory of Heaven and to the cross. This album helps us to linger there.

In the last segment, Tim Muehlhoff introduced some research that shows how a fake good attitude is not fruitful. We might need to wait on interactions involving conflict until we examine our hearts and can find genuine concern for our neighbors there.

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