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March 6, 2018

Connecting Faith 3-6-18 | Courtroom Cases for Christians to Follow | Life in the Wild with Dan DeWitt

In courtrooms today consideration is being given to whether parents of transgender children can be stripped of their rights and whether genetic testing companies can be held responsible for the “wrongful birth” of children born with previously unidentified defects. As Christians who have been actively deployed as ambassadors into the kingdoms of this world, we need to be on the forefront of these conversations. Remembering as we equip ourselves to enter them, we don’t have to be defensive in our speech.

How do we fight for faith in this fallen world? Dan DeWitt called us to a greater confidence in the gospel during a discussion of his book, Life in the Wild. “Bad things are going to happen, no one is spared from that. But we have a Shepherd and His promise to lead us through and out of the wild to the new creation.” Dan is Associate Professor of Apologetics & Applied Theology at Cedarville University and Director of the Center for Biblical Apologetics & Public Christianity.

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