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June 21, 2018

Connecting Faith 6-20-18 | Defining Words | Hannah Brencher on Come Matter Here

The meat industry is currently in a battle to claim the term “meat” for traditionally produced meat – as opposed to “meat” grown from cultured animal cells. Words matter. Language is the basis of communication and having a shared understanding of what words mean is vital to the strength of a people. The meaning of many words is being intentionally manipulated in our culture today. Who gets to define the many terms that are critical to understand in order to be followers of Christ? Words like truth, love, sin, gender, family, and marriage.

Author Hannah Brencher, Come Matter Here, talked about being where our feet are. When we are always living and looking for the next best thing, we miss out on what is happening right now in front of us. We also miss out on learning how God walks with us, not only during the mountaintop moments, but in each and every ordinary moment of the day.


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