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June 7, 2018

Connecting Faith 6-6-18 | Soul Beauty | Apologetics in Discipleship with Tom Griffin at Ratio Christi

The Miss America Pageant has announced that it will no longer judge the contestants by outward appearance but by what’s on the inside – shifting the focus from bodies to “what comes out of their mouth” and what’s in their “soul.” It remains to be seen how they will go about judging soulish beauty. As Christians we know beauty is more than just a matter of taste, it is one of the three transcendental virtues of God.

As Christians, the first mission field is the one inside our own home. But literally tens of millions of children raised in church-going families leave the church as young adults. And unlike prior generations, they’re not returning. We talked with Ratio Christi‘s Thomas Griffin about how parents can be equipped in apologetics to reach and teach their own kids before college. We’ll also talk about how to get your college-bound kid ready this summer.

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