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July 17, 2018

Connecting Faith 7-16-18 | Life Expectancy | Stacy Monson on Loving Those with Alzheimer’s

Newsweek published a story about a new blood test that tells you how much older your body is acting than its biological age. This points to a conversation about life expectancy. Our life expectancy is in reality, eternal. Living as Galatians 2:20 people means living all out for the advancement of God’s kingdom, secure in our eternal hope.

Stacy Monson spoke transparently about the journey through Alzheimer’s with someone you love. There are many great resources available for churches and friends to make available as they walk alongside those who are bearing this burden that is too great for one to bear (including, and more). Stacy’s book, Open Circle, is a fictional story about book about loving the aged, restoring community and overcoming our divisions for the sake of doing what’s right for others.

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