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July 2, 2018

Connecting Faith 7-2-18 | Gospel Worldview | Michelle Rahal on Straining Forward

What is a Gospel worldview? Or a redemptive worldview? It is a view that is about conforming our thoughts into conformity with the mind of Christ, aligning our emotions and then putting our resources into action in advance of the Gospel in all times and in all ways.

Michelle Rahal, author of Straining Forward, shares the powerful and redemptive story of Minh Phuong Towner in the wake of the Vietnam War, including the transformative book writing process and the story’s impact on one local congregation.

Carmen calls Christians to adopt a missionary mindset today. Most people in conversations today are likely 3 generations away from the shadow of a person of faith. We cannot assume they know any of the well-known Bible stories or have any exposure to a redemptive line of thinking.

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