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August 10, 2018

Connecting Faith 8-10-18 | Headlines to Heed | Josh Brahm of the Equal Rights Institute on Relational Apologetics

In the news:

  • Pastor Greg Laurie and Harvest Crusades have been required to remove a billboard advertising a Harvest Outreach that has a photo of Pastor Laurie holding a Bible due to its offensiveness.
  • Scarlet Johansen has withdrawn from her role in a new movie called “Rub and Tug” due to angry backlash from the LGBTQ+ community about a cisgender actress playing the role instead of an actual transgendered man. What does that mean for LGBTQ+ individuals who have played cisgender roles?
  • What defines a church? Consider the membership and leadership criteria for new church of modern witchcraft the IRS has approved.

Carmen interviews Josh Brahm, President of the Equal Rights Institute, about relational apologetics. Josh is passionate about teaching prolife Christians to be more effective in their conversations with prochoice individuals. He talks about what works … and what doesn’t.

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