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August 13, 2018

Connecting Faith 8-13-18 | Held together by Christ | Rev. Jim Howe on the California Fires | Irish Barrister Lorcan Price on the abortion referendum

As we pray for the family of pilot Richard Russell – who stole a commercial jet, performed some tricks, and crashed a short while later – we cling to the truth they verbalized, that it is Jesus who holds us together when things are falling apart. It is Jesus who is before all things and the sustainer of all things (Colossians 1:15).

Pastor Jim Howe of First Presbyterian Church in Redding, CA, joined Carmen to give an update on the fires raging in California, how Christ is actively holding their congregation together, and how you can help the relief efforts.

In the final segment, Irish Barrister Lorcan Price talked about the cultural change in Ireland that led to the pro-choice victory in the abortion referendum. He talked about the hurdles facing the pro-life campaign, in addition to giving us perspective on the church and culture of Europe.


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