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September 26, 2018

Connecting Faith 9-26-18 | Mayo Clinic’s Dr. John Wald on Faith, Hope, Science | Keith Getty on Songs of Faith in our Homes

Rejoice over news that the U.S. government has killed their contract with the agency that was selling them aborted fetal human tissue for use in laboratory experiments and for the agreement among legislators over the Music Modernization Act which strives for fair compensation to artists.

Dr. John Wald, Medical Director for Public Affairs for the Mayo Clinic, came on to talk about the new Ken Burns documentary, The Mayo Clinic: Faith, Hope, Science. Watch at and learn about the patient-centered model that makes them unique.

Hymn-writing musician Keith Getty joined Carmen for a conversation about filling our homes with songs of our faith. Also learn about their new albums, The North Coast Sessions, a meditation of Psalms, and For the Cause, from the Getty Kids Hymnal Series.

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