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September 5, 2018

Connecting Faith 9-4-18 | Dr. Stephen Grcevich on the Missing Children from Sunday School | Jarrett Stephens on The Mountains are Calling

#PraytheNews for today:

  • Confirmation hearings are now underway for Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Our neighbors along the gulf coast are bracing for a hurricane.
  • Russian planes are bombing the Idlib province where so many internally-displaced Syrians reside.
  • Children are forbidden to go to church in China.
  • Journalists jailed in Myanmar.
  • California conversion therapy bill has been pulled.

Dr. Stephen Grcevich, author of Mental Health and the Church, joined Carmen to talk about how the church can welcome families of children with hidden disabilities into its culture.

Pastor Jarrett Stephens talked about the many mountaintop moments found in Scriptures. The mountaintop is a place to gain new perspective on God and on ourselves, but it is not a place to remain. His book is called The Mountains are Calling.

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