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September 5, 2018

Connecting Faith 9-5-18 | Facebook’s Monoculture | Anna Kitko of Ratio Christi on Campus Apologetics

The pope has made comments regarding the sexual abuse and coverup revelations that it is an internal family disagreement and that sometimes, silence is the correct response. When is it appropriate to shine a bright light, exposing sin so that it may be excised?

Some employees at Facebook are banding together to shine a light on its political monoculture where those with conservative views are expected to keep silent. The shout you down instead of hear you out culture we are now living in starts with how young people are being taught on college campuses.

Anna Kitko, Regional Director for Ratio Christi in Tennessee and South Carolina, spoke frankly about the intellectual assault students of faith are facing at public universities. She talks about the important ways Ratio Christi is partnering with families in order to prepare children starting at a young age and to meet doubting college students where they are.

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