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May 21, 2020

Conversations about Religious Liberty and Covid19 | Pfizer ad on science answering all | Ian Hutchinson on Scientism, epistemology and hope

Carmen talks with Ben Johnson from the Acton Institute about a range of headlines related to religious liberty:

Prior to her conversation with MIT plasma physicist Ian Hutchinson about scientism, Carmen offers a brief look at an ad running from Pfizer:

The script:
At a time when things are most uncertain, we turn to the most certain thing there is: Science. Science can overcome diseases, create cures, and yes, beat pandemics. Because when it’s faced with a new opponent, it doesn’t back down. It revs up, asking questions till it finds what it’s looking for. That’s the power of science.

Carmen said, “If that sounds like worshipping at the altar of scientism – the idea that science alone has all the answers – you’d be right. Pfizer is making a straightforward claim that science is “the most certain thing there is” and the dominant way of knowing anything. While science has its appropriate place, the Christian must step up here and say to those advancing such claims, “No.” To help us think through this, I’m joined next by MIT professor Ian Hutchinson on the topic of scientism and how we, as Christians, can engage the challenge of positively affirming science in right relationship to the reality of God.”

Her conversation with Dr. Ian Hutchinson is a must listen.



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