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March 10, 2020

Coronavirus 3-10 | Deep fakes | David Goodwin on the proven outcomes of Classical Christian education

Carmen continues to offer daily updates and perspective on the global and national news related to the coronavirus, COVID-19.

Mark Caleb Smith of Cedarville University joins Carmen to discuss the democratization of information and the challenges we face in knowing what is trustworthy when all editorial processes are eliminated and everyone with a blog or a youtube channel is considered a journalist. How do you separate factual reporting from pure opinion and how can we prepare to deal with the deep fake videos everyone anticipates in the lead up to the 2020 election?

In the second half, Carmen is joined by the president of the Association of Classical Christian Schools, David Goodwin. They discuss a study conducted by the sociology department of Notre Dame that evaluated and ranked graduates of ACCS school, homeschool, evangelical, Catholic, public and private/prep schools in the U.S. across seven different areas of life.  What makes classical Christian education unique and why does it make such good soil for the cultivation of mature Christian adults?

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